Treatment Sessions


Therapy sessions are tailored to the client’s individual requirements in a friendly and personal environment.  There is no general rule as to how many sessions a person will need.  It can be as little as one or two sessions.  Sometimes, however, an ongoing support may be suggested, which will be discussed during the initial consultation.

The client will remain fully clothed for tests and during all treatments.  For kinesiology sessions it is best to wear comfortable clothing.  In exceptional situations of severe physical disability or pain the tests may be difficult to perform.  In such cases it is recommended that the client is accompanied by a second person that can act as a surrogate.

Sessions are designed to last for 1 hour.  The initial consultation is likely to be slightly longer but will be charged for as an hour.  Food testing or certain emotional issues may require 1½ hour sessions.  This will be discussed beforehand and charged pro rata.



Treatment fees:

£40 for 1-hour sessions (please see above)
(Evening and Saturday appointments are available)



 Southampton Kinesiology & EFT - Therapy Room