Systematic Kinesiology

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Systematic Kinesiology is a gentle, non-invasive complementary therapy, which uses muscle testing as a biofeedback system.  The body has its own innate knowledge of all physiological, autonomic and subconscious processes.  These can be accessed by testing a muscle for a strong or weak response.  For this a slight pressure is applied, for example, to an arm or leg.  In this way energy imbalances can be found that relate to organs or body systems, emotions, muscle function or general energy disturbances.  As a holistic therapy, kinesiology takes biochemical, structural, electromagnetic and emotional aspects into account.

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To be more specific when questioning the body, biomarkers are used whenever necessary.  These are energy signatures of substances such as hormones, toxins, enzymes or micronutrients.  They can indicate a requirement for beneficial substances or a problem with toxic ones, and allow energetic assessment of physiological and metabolic processes.

The choice of treatment follows the identification of a problem through muscle testing.  This may include stimulation of correction points on the body, meridian tapping, gentle manipulation or the use of specific high quality supplements.  Occasionally a change in diet may be recommended.


 Examples of kinesiological treatments would be...

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For further information on Systematic Kinesiology and its origins please refer to the website of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology:Southampton Kinesiology & EFT - ASK logo