Holistic Therapy


 Southampton Kinesiology & EFT - holistic therapy


When we feel healthy we usually take it for granted that everything in the body is functioning well, and this is true as the body is designed to work accurately.  However, it is only true when we live in an optimum and natural environment, which for most of us is unrealistic.  Nowadays, whatever we eat has been treated in various ways and in our living environment toxins and synthetic substances are all around.  In addition, stress is a common problem for many people.  Even though our bodies are surprisingly adaptable, we can reach our limits when exposure to adverse factors is continuous or long term.

With kinesiology and muscle testing we can find energetic imbalances in the body related to nutrients, physiological processes, muscle function, emotional issues or the energy system.  Once identified, it is then possible to develop an individual treatment approach for each person.  While kinesiology works with a variety of balancing techniques, EFT achieves results mainly by stimulating meridian points.  Both disciplines are effective for physical as well as emotional issues.  Taking the client’s personal preferences and the outcome of the initial consultation into account, the most suitable techniques will be chosen.

Holistic therapies do not treat diseases directly.  Instead, the whole person’s health and wellbeing are considered.  Any underlying disturbances are then addressed and corrected.  Ideally this is done before symptoms appear, as it is much easier to guard against the effects of ill health than to reverse them.  Kinesiology and EFT are therapies, which approach health problems from the perspective of the body’s energy.  They are therefore truly complementary to mainstream medical treatments and add a new dimension to health support.  The causes of many of our modern-day diseases and health problems are not always fully understood.  The true origins often remain unclear or complex.  The aim of holistic therapy is to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers, resulting in improved general health and wellbeing.