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EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques – is a simple yet highly effective therapy often leading to rapid and lasting improvements.  It was initially used for treating emotional issues such as fears and phobias.  However, because of the close relationship between mind and body it can also be used successfully to address a wide variety of physical complaints.

Treatment is based primarily on tapping meridian points while being tuned into a problem, and so balancing any energy disruptions present.  Most of the points used are on the face and hands.  Commonly improvements can be experienced instantly after a few rounds of tapping.  In other cases, however, healing depends on identifying the root cause of a problem, which may involve several sessions and some detective work.  In energy psychology it is always the client who decides which route to take.  If chosen, private issues do not have to be disclosed.  EFT can also be performed over the phone if urgent help is needed or distance is a problem.

EFT taps directly into the body’s self-healing abilities.  If applied as a stand-alone therapy no supplements or equipment is needed.  It is an amazing technique offering maximum freedom from external resources.  For complex issues EFT is best facilitated by an experienced therapist.  A large variety of straightforward or less complicated problems, however, can be solved by using tapping as an easily learned self-help tool, without the assistance of a therapist.


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Complaints typically treated using EFT would be...


A comprehensive introduction to EFT including many self-help tips, the history of Southampton Kinesiology & EFT - EFT logoEFT and a huge database of case studies, can be found at Gary Craig’s original website www.emofree.com and at www.eftuniverse.com